Day 4 & To Many More!

Day 4 is making me want more! Unfortunately the world decided that I had to sleep in this morning so I woke up at 8:06 to the sound of someone knocking on my door. Oops.

Aside from getting ready in like 5 minutes, the day was absolutely amazing. Troodos Square was beautiful and the mountains were so impressive. I managed to walk down some of the mountain in platform sandals so I’m obviously super talented and skilled. We shopped around the square a little. I tried some samples and realized that Cypriots love to cover things in sesame seeds.

We then ventured off to Omodos Village which is officially my new favorite place we’ve been. The streets were so beautiful and I love the architecture. The monastery was very cool; the metal work inside the church was incredible. It’s so amazing that all of it was hand-carved. On one of the upper floors there were rooms dedicated to people who died during the Turkish coup and I was so fascinated by the fact that they were able to recover the original items that those who died owned. There was a suit jacket with a bullet hole in it that was very striking.

I bought a beautiful necklace and ring that were replicas of an ancient Crete relic which apparently has never been translated before. What it means remains a mystery to this day. The shop owners were so lovely. Why is everyone in Cyprus so nice?

We ate the best lunch today. Literally everything we ate was so good. The orzo with the truffles was unreal!!! But the best part was when they brought a cake out and sang happy birthday to me. Did my face turn red? Yes. Do I care? No.

We then went to meet with CPA and CSA which was super interesting. I loved their takes on globalization. It was also really interesting to hear how the war in Ukraine had an impact on their ability to be sustainable. Even though it was sad to hear that they are putting their carbon emission reduction to the side for now, it makes sense that they need to prioritize getting energy to all of Europe since a very large portion of their energy is from Russia.

Overall, it was a great birthday full of my favorite things like mountains and amazing food.

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