Day Four: Mountains and Meetings


Today, we started off by heading to the Troodos Mountains. When we arrived, we went into the few shops that they had open and sampled a variety of nuts and candies that were offered to us. I ended up buying some Cyprus delights to take home to my family. We then wandered down a path to find a beautiful view of the mountains, and on our way, we found a donkey.

We started making our way back down the mountain, and we stopped at the Omodos Village. We visited the Timios Stavros Monastery. We were able to explore the rooms with all of their artifacts. I thought it was cool to see the relics from past Saints, as well as the pieces of the ropes that are said to have come from the Holy Cross. Unfortunately, we were not able to take photos inside. After we left, we had some time to roam around the village. There were a lot of cute stores, and many of them had handmade items for purchase. There were views of the mountains all around, so the village was very beautiful. We then headed to our meze style lunch. All of the food was really good, but one new thing that I tried that was my favorite part of the meal was the orzotto pasta. I also enjoyed the tomato and feta dish. It was delicious.

Finally, we headed back to Limassol. Here, we met with the Cyprus Port Authority president and general manager as well as with the Limassol Port Director and the head of the Cyprus Shipping Association. I enjoyed hearing about what they call the Blue Economy, something that I had not previously been familiar with. This referred to designing an economy that is focused on the preservation and restoration of the marine environments. I also enjoyed learning the reasoning behind the commercialization of the ports that we had first been introduced to yesterday. Having the ports operated by outside companies creates competition that leads to better efficiency and production. It also allows for them to implement their new technology and innovation as these companies are experienced in these areas. They also spoke some more about the Port Community System, which has allowed them to be more efficient and connected by only requiring information to be entered into the system once.

We then headed back to Nicosia and went out to get some dinner and some ice cream.

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