Day 4: Mountains

Today, we got on the bus a bit after 8 to go to Troodos Square, which is a resort town located in the mountains of Cyprus. During the winter months, people come here to ski, but as it is spring/almost summer, it is home to souvenir shops (at which I bought souvenirs for my mom and dad). There were also some small trails from the main square which probably lead down the mountain. Near the top of one of these trails, I saw a donkey. On previous days out, I noticed that donkeys were used in signs and in like touristy things, but I did not expect to see a donkey this up close. By doing some minor research (Wikipedia), I found that during the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974, Greek Cypriots abandoned their donkeys in the northern parts and now there feral donkeys somewhere in the Turkish part of the island. So that’s what it all comes down to apparently.

The donkey I saw

We then travelled to the village Omodos, home to the Timios Starvos Monastery. It was beautiful. They had a bunch of ecclesiastical art as well as a holy relic inside the church area. The village surrounding the monastery was also very quaint and a break from the typical architecture we were seeing. There was also a free museum about a hideout used by the Cypriots during their rebellion against the Brits between 1955-1959. It was literally just a room, but it was cool to see the history. It was then time for lunch, which was absolutely fantastic. It was a staples of the Cypriot cuisine with chicken kebobs, salads with olives and feta in them, and fried halloumi. At this point, I feel like I could live off Cypriot food and be perfectly content.

It was then time to travel back to Limassol to visit the Cyprus Port Authority, managers of all the Cypriot ports. They talked to us about how the port is managed, their goals for the ports, and the commercialization of their ports, specifically Limassol in 2017 (the Cyprus Port Authority still owns the land, they just are renting the land out to different companies). It was interesting to hear about how the war on Ukraine affected their sustainability goals due to the EU sanctioning Russian oil. Overall, this day was good.

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