Deconstructed Lasagna

Touring the docklands with Dr. Kelly, visiting Thinkhouse yesterday, and viewing the Guinness Enterprise Centre made clear a different way of thinking, a different mindset. Home of many entrepreneurs and innovation, the path towards success is not a set definition for everyone to follow. The ability to think and adapt at any moment generates success. As Dr. Kelly noted during his time with us, describing learning as following a recipe or making a deconstructed lasagna, making it your own. Along with adapting and being original, accepting failure and criticism is highly crucial to creation. Combing the quote from Dr. Kelly with the anecdote from Microsoft, Nadella asking the group who created an ai system, “what did you learn.” All of the companies growing and being successful are able to adapt and learn from mistakes without the fear of making mistakes, something a lot of people fear.

Fully developing this mindset requires putting yourself out in these opportunities and figuring everything out without a rubric to follow verbatim. I personally find great comfort in numbers and patterns within the world. Finding and following a logical solution is my deconstructed lasagna.

Like everything in life, growth is essential. Being extremely flexible is important. Allowing for more errors to occur or unexpected events to arise and changing on the fly seamlessly is crucial. Growth is always pushed but sometimes overtakes the wanted development of the individual. Growth is reaching the individual or life someone wants, not the expected growth and course of action people think is best.

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