A Shared Experience

With climate issues and conversations gaining more and more traction, firms have transitioned to sustainability. Guinness fully encompasses a sustainable business model regarding the environment and replication of their product. Having locally produced ingredients and the same yeast used in every batch protects the environment and preserves the iconic taste.

All throughout my time in Dublin, innovation has surrounded me, evidence being the docklands and many successful startups such as Black Shamrock in the Guinness Enterprise Centre. Guinness has been at the forefront of innovation in the drink industry. From Arthur seeing into the future to secure access to fresh mountain water and later on, a former mathematician deciding to add nitrogen, now a crucial component to the iconic profile, all led by innovation. Guinness strives to innovate with their brewing scientists while maintaining the flavor tested each day.

Dinner is much different than when back home. First, in a large majority of restaurants, we seat ourselves. In the beginning, it felt very awkward waiting to be seated, only to be told to find a table when asking about service. Now, unless there is a sign stating wait to be served, we will find a table and sit down, a server arriving after. Also, the pace of all meals is very slow compared to past experiences. Not only does the server interact minimally to avoid interrupting, but also watching how long other parties are seated tells the purpose of being there. The change in pace is welcomed. The pace stems from the culture of focusing on relationships and genuine connections compared to purely goal-oriented mindsets often experienced.

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