GROB Werke Company Visit (5/13)

Today was our company visit at GROB Werke. I am in the group that presents on GROB Werke, so it was important that I took notes and asked questions during the visit.

When we arrived at the company, they provided butter pretzels, bottled drinks, and coffee for us. After we were finished eating breakfast, the representative, George, began the presentation. He started with an overview of the company, and he followed this up with a factory tour. My assigned part for our presentation is on the product line up, so I had to pay careful attention to the differences between the machines that they build.

After the tour, we ate lunch at the company cafeteria. I had apple cakes and a parfait. The apple cakes were a bit strange, but the yogurt was really good. When we were finished, we had another presentation. This time George went into the specifics about production and answered a lot of our questions about the company. This concluded our last company visit of the program.

For dinner, I went to a bakery today. I ordered some Broetchens (small bread rolls) and a strawberry chocolate cake. Everything was delicious and very cheap as well. In the future, I plan on going back there for future meals because of how great it was. I would recommend anyone visiting Germany to go to a small bakery for some meals because it is a lot more affordable than eating out at restaurants all the time and the food is quite delicious as well.

Signing Off,

Nate Ginck

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