Cement, Oil, and Larnaca!

This morning we got the opportunity to talk to two different companies: Vassiliko Cement and VTT Vassiliko (VTTV). Vassiliko Cement, as is obvious by their name, makes cement. They run the entire process from quarrying to delivery. After getting the limestone from the quarry a few kilometres away, they bring it back to their facility to break it up into smaller pieces that are then ground into a fine powder. The limestone powder is mixed with clay and heated in a kiln to form clinker. However, before the limestone and clay are put in the kiln, they must be homogenous, so that is another process that takes place at their plant. Clinker is used by customers both in and out of Cyprus to make concrete. As a part of the supply chain, they function as most parts of it themselves until it is delivered to customers who make it into concrete and then use it to construct any number of things.

We then spoke to VTTV, which is a company that stores oil and provides services to oil companies. They have terminals across five continents. They store oil that has been refined in large tanks before it is moved from the facility to other locations in Cyprus or exported to other countries. To deliver the oil from the tanks to customers, they use trucks, pipes, and ships. Part of their facility is a jetty with 4 berths that is used to load the ships with oil to be exported. They are a vital part of the supply chain for oil, and they work with both international and local companies. However, they put their local customers first.

In the afternoon, we briefly visited the Hala Sultan Tekke and then spent some time in Larnaca. While we were there, we got to step inside the St. Lazarus Church and walk around the Old City. I found it interesting that the mosque was very simply decorated while the church had a very elaborate interior. Both were very beautiful in uniquely different ways.

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