Day 4: up in the mountains

Today was more challenging for the 7:00 am wake up. Nevertheless I made it downstairs for my breakfast and slugged back my daily cappuccino before getting on the bus for another bus ride.

The bus ride today was on small roads and at high elevation. As we were driving to one of the highest mountains in Cyprus, Mike felt carsick while others had their minds and eyes on the beautiful views. We arrived to Troodos Square where we waundered around and explored what it had to offer. We walked, “hiked”, around the mountain in our business casual to get a clearer view of the scenery. Troodos Square was also equipped with souvenir stores where I was able to pick up some keepsakes for my family.

After the views were admired, we headed down the mountain to Omodos Village. In the center of the village was Timios Stavros Monastery. The monastery was a work of art. It was so fascinating and cool to see such a beautiful piece of architecture and important place of worship for so many. After the monastery, we had some free time to roam around before lunch. We saw jewelry stores, bakeries, and wineries. The village reminded me of Greece with the white staggered homes and small alleyways that had shops dispersed throughout. 

Group lunch was another Meze style meal at Stou Kir Yianni Tavern. I think Meze is the perfect meal because you get a small taste of so many different dishes and the food comes out really fast. My favorite dishes were the sausage and honey roasted sesame halloumi. Lunch had us stuffed and ready for a short nap on the bus before our company meeting.

Today we met with Cyprus Port Authority. There was a panel of five important managers and directors along with the president. I was very pleased to hear a lot mentioned about how they work towards sustainability, climate risk management, and protecting the environment. They follow a form of blue economy to ensure and work towards those actions. Overall, the men who presented were very knowledgeable, well spoken, and important. 

To end the night we chilled back at the hotel and around the old city, enjoying tasty food and each others company!

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