Day 5: A B Sea, You & Me

Today was all about the sea. First, we had a company visit with BSM, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. Then, we had a sea-side lunch that was served mezze-style with seafood. Finally, the day was finished up with a visit to Hala Sultan Tekke and then to the beach.

BSM is a company that deals with training seafarers. The company is recognized worldwide, and students come from all over the globe. Once completing their course, the students receive a certificate that authenticates them globally. BSM is using advanced technology like simulations to train and test their students. They have simulation rooms that cover all the different parts of the ship. For example, they have an engine simulation room for the engineers, as well.

For lunch, we were served a seafood mezze. It was very good. It was interesting to see how Cyprus serves their seafood compared to America. Most of the fish still had their eyes and tails! After lunch, we went to Hala Sultan Tekke. It was beautiful and peaceful. Finally, we wrapped up the day at the beach in Lanarca. It was nice and relaxing break.

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