Limassol to Larnaca: A Day of Culture and Business


This morning began with a trip back to the coast where we met with VTTV and Vassiliko Cement Works. VTTV is a company in the oil industry providing storage and mixing options for oil companies. They explained what exactly this means in terms of the company’s position in the supply chain of oil products. This chain begins with crude oil which will eventually be refined and then distributed to the consumer. VTTV offers storage for oil before and after it is refined. It is easy to forget about the storage steps in supply chain. However, they provide a measure of safety in something as complex as supply chain, making them a very important step.

We also talked with Vassiliko Cement Works located just next to VTTV. Cement is of course an important product globally because it is used to create concrete, the second most consumed product in the world. Cement is also important to Cyprus specifically because it is the country’s third largest export. Because of the country’s small size, they do not have many major exports. Most of the shipping is imports, or Cyprus is acting as an intermediary destination. Therefore, a large export like cement can help balance the number of products coming into the country and the number going out.

Following our morning of business meetings, we started travelling down the coast to the Koumbaris Fish Tavern in Zygi. This lunch was unlike anything else we have had on the trip, and it was also unlike any seafood meal I have ever had. We were able to try so many different kinds of seafood such as calamari, whole red snapper, mussels, and crab. Most were solved whole on a plate, which is something I have never gotten to experience. It was so much fun trying something new, and the seaside views made it all the more special.

We finished the day in Larnaca where we visited the mosque, Hala Sultan Tekke and the Church of Saint Lazarus. I really appreciated getting to see these destinations not only because of their beauty, but also because of their history and the peacefulness they exude. As soon as I walked into each of these places of worship, I could feel their importance, and it was very powerful.

Finally, in Larnaca we were able to spend some time relaxing on the beach. It was a great opportunity to spend time with friends and take in the area’s natural beauty.

Today we covered a lot, from business to culture, but it has allowed me to see how closely one aspect affects another. Each has helped make Cyprus the island it is today, and it will continue to be interesting seeing how closely culture and business here are related.

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