The fish won the staring contest

We arrived at Limassol again this morning to visit the companies, VTTV and Vassiliko Cement Works. VTTV is a company that uses cement or oil the way their customers want them to. They do not own the cement nor the oil they use. They also blend substances to produce other substances and can move product around their terminal for their customers. How their supply chain for oil works is the crude oil is obtained, then it is refined, then it becomes oil, then it is transported to storage, and then finally it is delivered to the end user. After our meting, we were able to view the port where the boats that carry the imports and exports for the oil or cement are berthed.

Vassiliko is a small scale cement plant built in 1963. They are the main industrial port in Cyprus. Also, they are in the top 10% of cement companies in terms of sustainability. This is because 65% of the fuels they use for their cement plant are alternative fuels to fossil fuels. While there, we were able to have a tour of the plant and were explained how each step in making cement at the plant works.

After visiting VTTV and Vassiliko, we went to the Koumbaris Fish Tavern in Zygi. Here, we were able to try a lot of seafood we’ve never had the opportunity to try before, such as whole fried fish, soft shell crab, and salmon roe hummus. After lunch, we visited the Hala Sultan Tekke, the third most important mosque in the world. Here, we saw the places of worship and the many cats that roamed around the mosque. After visiting the mosque, we ventured to the Larnaca old City to go souvenir shopping and visit Finikoudes beach.

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