Mountain Men!

Today had some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen! We started out the day in the Troodos Square. It was so beautiful to see the mountainside. After Troodos, we went over to Omodos Village and walked through the Timios Stavros Monastery. It felt like such a quaint small night and really a hidden gem. I love how many of their shops sell handmade jewelry and lace. It seems like jewelry and lace making is very popular here, which is really impressive considering the time and detail required to complete both of them.

After exploring both villages, we went to a cute tavern for a group lunch. I think it’s really cool how most of the restaurants here are completely (or mostly) open to the outside. It makes the restaurants and cafes feel very inviting and welcoming. The group lunch was so amazing, especially the creamy orzo.

When we got back to Nicosia, my friends and I stopped for some food close by the hotel. I think the place we went to was their version of “fast food,” but food was so good it puts American fast food to shame. I had a chicken kebab with fries inside a pita wrap and it was amazing. After dinner, we wondered around the old city and grabbed some ice cream. Everything is very peaceful here, and I feel like I can truly relax.

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