Recorido con Don Guillermo


Today we continued our discussion with Don Guillermo. It is truly amazing what he has accomplished in his life. From making the blueprint of a sustainable farm to talking in over a dozen countries about sustainability.

Visiting the farm brought yesterdays lecture into perspective. During the lecture I was confused on alot of what he was saying and why he was saying it. But visiting the farm and being able to freely explore and find out everything for ourselves was an experience I will remember for a VERY long time.

One idea that stood above the rest was just how many ways there are to compost. We are used to the “throw everything in a can and let the worms take over” but this is very inefficient and actually not too good for the environment.

The way Don Guillermo does it is much more pertinent to sustainability. The animal excrement is combined with certain fungi and microorganisms to create a usable compost in a very short amount of time. They also have a biodigester and they of course use the simple box for some things such as weeds and leftover plants.

Seeing the people working on the farm was also intriguing. It’s no secret that the work they do is taxing on the body but it seems like everyone belived in the goal of sustainability. They were very happy and willing to have a conversation with us as well. I truly believe they(and their families) like the work they do. In the case that I were a child I would look to do two things.

As Don Guillermo stated he wants the next generation to continue with the farm and keep innovating new sustainable practices. Going along with this it would be important to continue as he has and talk to different foreign and domestic audiences about sustainability. It will only become increasingly important to do this as the effects of climate change will not reverse in a passive nature.

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