European Escapades: Day 6

“Appearances are often deceiving”



Today we woke up and ate a traditional Bavarian breakfast of wurst and pretzels. I don’t eat beef or pork, so I just ate the pretzels. They were perfect with just the right amount of salt; however, after eating only bread for the past few days, I have gotten a little tired of the food. I ended up sitting with Semira, Nate, and Oday. It was enjoyable to talk to them and get to know each of them better. After breakfast, we had a company visit at Faurecia. Faurecia is an automotive supplier that manufactures exhaust and interior systems.

Faurecia was in a very hidden area which makes sense since we had to sign nondisclosure agreements before setting foot on the plant. When I first saw the plant, I felt like we were entering prison as there was so much security, and everyone was wearing white jumpsuits. However, the inside was pretty cool, and there were tons of machines. For lunch, I had a bagel with cream cheese and chives. Walking throughout the plant was interesting because I could see what sections of the plant were storage facilities and which were active work areas. Some of the questions I asked included how long their components stay in storage. In general, you don’t want to have expensive parts sitting around for a long time before the manufacturing process. Raw materials that are not being actively used in the manufacturing process are sitting money. One thing I enjoyed that Faurecia did was the quiz they had at the end.

It was fun to remember the different facts they told us during the presentation. For dinner, Semira and I went to a Lebanese restaurant, and I ordered a falafel and chicken shawarma sandwich. Semira ordered a Falafel sandwich. The falafel tasted terrific, and it is evident that it was freshly made. We also shared Baklava, a crispy pastry filled with crushed pistachios and soaked in honey. After dinner, we decided to get ice cream.

We found this fantastic ice cream shop called Sorrento’s, which had all kinds of flavors. I love chocolate, and so I always get chocolate ice cream. However, today I decided to try something new and got the mango ice cream. It was perfect, and I want to return to this ice cream place! After ice cream, I headed back to the hotel and went to bed. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Until Next Time!

I really needed a picture for this post and didn’t have one from today, so I went with this picture from a few days ago!

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