Evolution of Birds

The birds in Dublin do not fear humans. Dublin is one of Europe’s most popular tourist sites, crowded with people from all across the globe. The constant crowd of humans existing in the city has caused a shift in the natural instinct of birds. Typically, birds are naturally inclined to flee from any unknown presence; however, in Dublin and many other tourist sites, they have adapted to an urbanized environment and actually pursue humans. If tourism has contributed to the shift in birds’ nature, imagine the impact on the business and culture.

From a business perspective, tourism provides excellent opportunities for economic growth. Nearly every aspect of traveling requires spending money. For instance, the bus ticket to the Cliffs of Moher, shopping in Galway, eating fish and chips at a restaurant, and attending the Guinness Storehouse. Additionally, tourism allows small businesses to thrive. Most of the time, tourists tend to choose local stores and cafes to shop from, rather than Starbucks or McDonalds which they can enjoy any time they would like at home. The same goes for gift shops. Visitors love to grab a souvenir for themselves and their loved ones. Today, I bought a Christmas ornament for my mom, and coffee mug for my dad!

From a cultural perspective, tourism allows for cross-cultural communication and appreciation of cultures apart from my own. Just today, I have talked to people from multiple continents, where I had to adjust my communication skills. I used more non-verbal cues and eye contact to communicate more effectively. Staying in Ireland has taught me more than I could imagine about the country’s history and culture. I now am confident to talk to someone about the Potato Famine, the War of Independence, as well as the drama with Northern Ireland and its involvement in the United Kingdom. I also know a ton of cultural norms within Ireland including ordering a Guinness at dinner, their love for Gaelic football and hurling, and that most speak English but try to preserve the Irish language.

Tourism has created tons of economic and cultural opportunities for Ireland and it is a country everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime!

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