Today we left Nicosia to go to Paphos for the weekend. On the way, we stopped at a couple spots to see some landmarks of Cyprus. Along the way, our tour guide explained some of the history of the region. We drove past the coolest golf course I’d ever seen. First, we went to Aphrodite’s rock, which is rumored to be the place where the goddess was born. We were able to climb up the rock and take some cool pictures. The water was super clear and blue and the rocks on the beach were all super smooth and colorful. After that, we went to Paphos harbor for lunch. We ate at the Pelican Restaurant, which had an actual pelican walking around outside. After we ate we had some time to walk along the harbor and check out the shops. Then we had a guided tour of the Paphos Mosaics. Our tour guide explained all the mythology behind the mosaics, which was very interesting. The mosaics were incredibly detailed and cool to look at. Finally, we got to our hotel which is super nice and right by the beach.

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