After a long two years of the pandemic, it is clear to see that tourism is back in full swing. Seeing groups of people early, waiting for sold-out busses shows the eagerness to travel and explore again.

I have waited a long time to be able to travel abroad again, waiting and waiting to see new again. Tucked along the bay, the city of Galway sat, offering great food and views. Words cannot fully describe the Cliffs of Moher. Looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, a few feet away from an enormous drop, feeling the wind was unmatched.

Tourism will always be popular. Even with the advancement of technology attempting to replicate the natural world, it is a poor substitute. The pandemic will not have lasting effects on the curiosity of humans to be places they have only seen on tv, heard on the radio, and read in books. As times go on and people feel more and more comfortable, travel will return to previous levels.

As large centers are built to attract visitors to major areas, smaller off-the-path areas are almost forgotten. The creation of the Obama Plaza has had a profound effect on the local shops and restaurants. Those passing through now stop at the large center instead, forcing the local stores to shut their doors with the lack of business. The difficult decision most travelers face when traveling is going to a small area to see authentic and unfiltered culture or a large area to see as much as possible in a place you may never return to. A tough decision, but blessed to have that decision.

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