Adversities in Aranal

I would say that the cloud forest and rain forest are very similar. As a non-expert, the key difference I noticed was temperature. The tropical forest is significantly warmer than the cloud forest. To what it seems, there is much more rain on this side of the mountain. As previously explained, the cloud forest only receives the precipitation from the clouds that are blown over the mountain. However, the rainforest receives precipitation from both that and the clouds that are too low to pass over the mountains. This paradox is a bit confusing because you would assume the side with more rain would have cooler weather.

I think the big pull to aranal is the volcano center point. Not only does the volcano provide pretty views, it provides a multitude of other attractions. First of all, it provides hot spring, which as we have seen at our own resort, are a main attraction for tours. Furthermore, the rainforest around the volcano provides excitement and many hikes and provides attractions like the hanging bridge tour. Lastly, aranal also still has the action pack adventures like ziplining and atving for consumers to enjoy. I think it offers the perfect combination for tourists of relaxing and excitement.

**Note, I did not attend the lecture but I will try my best here**

I think the main supply chain issue that adventure companies face is consistency with tourism. Because of low and high seasons, there is not a steady cash flow for the companies. This can make it difficult for them to have enough supplies//workers during high season while also having enough money to maintain those same workers/supplies durning low season. The massive fluctuations can make providing the same quality to all customers difficult.

I can’t say much how companies have adapted but to my best educated guess. I am guessing companies would have to adjust their income styles. Just as Don Guillermo adjusted his coffee to sell online, many companies may have had to look for alternative ways to sell their product, or even invent a whole new product all together.

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