Hitting the Beach

Today was such a fun day! We started off the day with a delicious hotel breakfast which served food that was similar to our other hotels breakfast display. Both hotels served poached and scrambled eggs, fruit salad, pastries, fresh juices, and an assortment of meats and cheeses. The food is much fresher and more bountiful when compared to an American hotel breakfast.

 After getting breakfast and checking out of the hotel we headed to the beach! The beaches are a bit rockier than I expected when comparing them to a beach in Florida. The water was also much colder than I expected but we learned that the sea water in Cyprus is the warmest in August and September as it reaches almost eighty degrees then. The beaches also weren’t as crowded as I expected, and we barely saw any Cypriots in the water. I imagine that they wait until the weather is a bit nicer before they decide to start swimming again. Overall, today was a relaxing and fun day spent with lots of new friends. 

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