The real Ireland?

Now that Ireland has been around for 100 years (as a Republic at least), it is not a surprise that its tourism has rapidly picked up in recent years. There is so much to see and do on this island, and in my gracious opinion, Ireland does a pretty good job of marketing its wonders into the right hands. It seems like everything that Ireland has to offer, in terms of goods and services, can be turned into a touristic activity, providing acceleration in their GDP for both goods/services and tourism. Thus, you would think that the impact of tourism on Ireland would be only positive. After reading the article on Barack Obama we can see that tourism has its faults. Having the Barack Obama Plaza built was a great addition to Moneygall, yet the actual village was suffering from a loss of visitors to its own restaurants and shops, because the plaza has all of those things in one place. It is important to note that while the tourism is highlighting Ireland and its countless areas of charm and lovely people, there can be a slight disordendence within the tourism allocated to Ireland and the tourism allocated to small business owners on the island. Tourism is money, but knowing where that money and attention is going is something I never thought about. As for COVID-19, I believe that tourism and travel will only increase from now on. During quarantine, one of the many things I would do in my endless amounts of downtime, was to look into places I wished to travel. The lockdown created the biggest buzz for travel, and Ireland’s tourism sector will benefit a lot. 

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