“Okay, Google…”

My final week in Ireland started with some free time today. I took advantage of the Dublinia exhibit nearby where we are staying. This exhibit takes visitors through time starting with the origins of Dublin, where Vikings roamed Ireland, then through the middles ages and time of the Black Plague. The exhibit was quite interesting and I learned a lot more about the history of Dublin and Ireland.

In the afternoon, the group traveled to Google’s office for a visit of their facilities. This was in the “docks” area of Dublin in which we visited earlier this week. Comparing it to Microsoft, there are many similarities but also some stark differences. Both companies act as a hub for Europe and the middle east, acting as the headquarters for that area, so they have a diverse staff from numerous different countries in those areas. The companies both strives for innovation and have spaces at their offices for employees to explore their passions and contribute meaningfully. However, the culture had some differences. While both facilities had areas for employees to rest and grab a bite to eat, Google had a lot more amenities that I felt could be distracting, such as a gift shop, a soda making lounge, a gym, and a pool. Employees were also dressed more casually than Microsoft/ Overall, Google’s culture seems very relaxed, especially compared to Microsoft. Personally, I would prefer to work at a company with a culture like Microsoft’s because I fear the the amenities at Google would be distracting.

Arthur and Albhi showed us around at Google today. Albhi is a Dublin native, whereas Arthur is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Neither saw themselves working at Google while in school, but both greatly enjoy their work at Google now. At many of the companies we visit, it seems that people are hired based on their personal skills and personality rather than degrees or schooling. For example, Billy from Thinkhouse was a hairdresser before working in advertising. Similarly Albhi and Arthur did not go to school dreaming to work at Google. This brings me to the conclusion that if you are a hardworking and passionate individual, you will find greater success in pursuing jobs you have passion for, rather than fitting exactly into the mold of whatever job may be expected with your degree and college major.

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