Rocks at the Paphos Beach

After our first week in Cyprus, we finally got a day to relax by the beach. I have enjoyed attending business meetings and visiting many sites in Cyprus, but waking up at eight am for the past couple of days has not been easy (especially with the jetlag), so by Sunday I was happy to sleep-in and make my way towards the Paphos beach.

The day before, some friends and I found a small beach in which I dipped my toes in, but I did not actually swim in it. Instead, I learned how to skip rocks. Being part of the Ultimate Frisbee team, I expecting skipping rocks to come naturally to me. However, it did take me quite a few tries until I finally managed to get my rock to skip once. First you have to find a smooth circular rock, then with your dominant hand you have to throw it like frisbee. I found that it worked better if I threw it as a forehand throw (“flick”) rather than a backhand throw. I collected some neat rocks to take back with me as souvenirs. I made sure not to take too many because I have to make sure my luggage weighs less than 50 pounds for the flight. I have a feeling I am going to cut it close.

Today, we found a larger beach. This time, I decided to go swimming. I stepped into the water, and it was as cold as a professor announcing that the exam average was a 60%. I continued walking along the shoreline to adjust to the temperature and explore the landscape of the beach. I observed that the rocks on the beach become smaller as they approach the sand. I thought that maybe this demonstrates the life cycle of a rock since the rocks erode into tiny pebbles which eventually become grains of sand. My friends and I decided to swim to the giant rocks about 300 feet from the shoreline. Although I was nervous because I hadn’t swam in the sea in a while, I wanted to push myself. I was so happy when I made it to the giant rocks and someone took our picture from the shoreline.

After swimming in the sea, I decided to soak up the sun and relax on the sand. I chatted with friends and we watched others play volleyball. I was also entertained by a child digging one of the deepest holes that I have ever seen on the beach. I remember doing that with my sister back in the United States. This shows just how similar kids are all over the world because we all want to have fun.

Swimming to the Giant Rocks

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