Famagusta and Turkey

We visited one of the last cities on the island that we had yet to, Famagusta. This city is on the Turkish side of the island which is not recognized by the world. The city has multiple parts to it. There’s the old city which is within the walls of an old fort built by the Crusaders to protect them from the Ottomans. It had intricate architectural designs on the buildings and churches. 

Then there’s the Varosi area, which is a large amount of old resort hotels and markets and larger buildings that are now abandoned after the Turkish invaded in 1974. Most civilians had to leave very quickly and couldn’t bring all of their stuff with them. The Turkish then came and took the stuff left behind, shipped it back to Turkey, and sold it on their market. This area hasn’t been touched in 48 years and they just recently opened a road that we could walk on and look at the area and we were one of the first people to see it. It’s the only ghost town in Europe and is completely fenced around and there’s no going inside. Since the buildings haven’t been touched for so long the people would need to demolish the area and start over the area, as plumbing, electric, and other amenities haven’t been used and don’t work anymore. They would have to replace literally everything. This hotel and beach area moved a little south and people rebuilt hotels and a lively new area to leave the other one behind. That’s where we stopped at the beach for a little beach time and then we took a ride to see some of the sea caves on the southeast coast of the island. They were very slippery inside, but it was cool to see some of the things nature can do to make places of beauty.

abandoned towers
church in famagusta
sea caves

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