I still don’t understand crypto

Today was kind of a long day of lectures at UNIC. We started off by meeting with two shipping companies. The first was fleet management limited and the second was Mediterranean ship management company. Both lectures provided an extensive description of the management side of shipping. I think it’s cool how we’ve seen all sides of the shipping industry at this point in the trip.

After our morning meetings, we had lunch at the block restaurant in UNIC. I really like this restaurant and I wish pitt had something like it. After we ate, we walked around the area and stopped at a nice coffee shop.

We then met back up with the group to go to our final lectures of the day. First, we met with the CEO of UNIC, Mr. Antonis Polemitis. He gave a detailed explanation of cryptocurrency and block chain. I still don’t fully grasp the concept, but his lecture did explain some things for me. The final lecture of the day was Dr. Spyros Makridakis who is the director of UNIC’s institute of the future. His lecture was about data forecasting. Before this lecture, I had never heard of data forecasting but his lecture put into perspective how important it is.

The picture I have attached to this post is the only one I took today. This is how Josette and I felt after today 🙂

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