Day Ten: Meetings and Museums


Today we visited PwC, which is a consulting firm for businesses. It was a really short bus ride, which was weird. We entered into the room where our meeting would take place, and I was amazed at how pretty the view was of the city. The room had an interesting set up, as part of it had yoga balls for chairs. The first portion of our presentation was on a hologram screen, which I had never seen anything like before. In the main portion of the presentation, I was surprised to hear that only four percent of engineering companies have autonomized their supply chains. This made more sense once they described that engineers focus their design on the humans rather than on optimizing the supply chain. We then split off, and there were multiple presenters that we were able to visit with. I went to the one on the circular economy, which focused on bringing back and reusing old products. This seems very sustainability focused, which would make it a good thing for us to be working towards in the future.

We then had a bunch of free time this afternoon. We started off by trying to go to the local farmer’s market, but when we arrived, we found that it was closed. We then headed to the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia. Here, we did not have much time before they closed, but we were able to quickly go through each of the levels, which were all different time periods from Nicosia’s past. I thought that it was cool to see how the clothing changed over the years. We then headed to the observation tower, where we got a beautiful view of the city. I appreciated how there was information provided about the landmarks that we were able to see in each direction. I was able to see many of the things that we had visited on our tour of the old city on the first day. We then got some smoothies before heading to the Cyprus museum. This museum had a lot of statues and archaeological artifacts to look at which was fun. We then had a short break in the hotel room before dinner, which was definitely needed.

Our last group dinner was tonight, which was another meze style meal. It was nice to spend one last night with everyone. The meal itself was very similar to some of the meals that we have had previously, with salad, cheese, and kebabs. Tomorrow is our last day here, which is so strange. I do not know how that went by so quickly.

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