Day 10: The Last Mezze

Today we had a longer morning to rest up before heading to PWC’s high tech building in Nicosia. We began with some refreshments from the bar before being introduced to PWC’s company with a hologram projected in front of us all. This area also had yoga balls we could sit on! After this, we moved to sit in the center of the room and listened to presentations from an associate in Germany as well as a client from SuperHome Center, a DIY store, with about six locations in Cyprus! Through these presentations we learned more about what is important in the supply chains and what is most important in the functioning of them: the people. 

Then we had some time to converse with others about more specific topics regarding the supply chain including blockchain, circular economy, etc. We also indulged ourselves in some food provided by PWC. We returned back to the hotel for some free time before our farewell dinner at Valtou Rigani which we enjoyed with another classic mezze style Mediterranean dinner. As our journey starts to come to a close, it becomes clearer how insane it is that we are here and meeting with these companies and eating this food all in Cyprus! Tomorrow is our last day of activities, and I can’t wait to enjoy our last full day to the fullest.

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