Last Company Visit!

Today ended up being our last company visit! We were supposed to have one tomorrow but unfortunately it was canceled. We got to sleep in today which was very nice. We left the hotel at around 11. I immediately noticed how tall and cool the building was. A lot of our visits have not been in the tops of buildings with views overlooking Cyprus. First, I spent 15 minutes wandering aimlessly looking for the bathroom and I eventually did (woohoo). Then, we were given some introductions by several different professionals. One of the presentations was projected onto a thin screen so it appeared as a hologram. I have never seen technology like that, it was interesting. We were then spoken to by one of their employees from Germany. His name is Michael Muller and he is a professional in the supply chain field. A lot of what he said was very intricate and to be honest it went over my head. The second presentation was from one of the PwC Cyprus’s biggest clients. Super Home Center has 6 locations in Cyprus and reminded me of a Lowes or Home Depot. He talked about how during COVID there was actually a slight increase in business due to people wanting to complete more at home renovations. We then got to hear from 3 different speakers about blockchain and the economy. The thing I found the most interesting is how far behind the USA is in terms of doing things to prevent hurting the environment. It is embarrassing in my opinion. The one speaker specifically spoke about how in Europe people return used appliances so the materials can be reused. The USA does not do that, and we also do not ban certain plastics from being used or plastic straws. PwC was a good company to have as our last professional event!

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