May 17th – Castles, Kings, & Chickens!!

Captain’s Log: Day 10

Guten Morgen!

(Heads up, this blog is FULL of photos! Enjoy!!)

It is a lovely day here in Augsburg, with a high temperature of 21 degrees C, I’m your host Oday Abushaban, let’s get this day started!

Today me and my hearty crew are visiting Castle Neuschwanstein! As described from previous people, this castle is looks just like Cinderella’s Castle!!

So after a nice breakfast, me and my crew got on the bus and headed out to the castle, see you in about an hour 30 minutes!

On our way, we were greeted by the Alps, as Neuschwanstein is in the South like Oberammergau. And then we got off the good old bus, and had to wait for our tour to begin.

The Alps looking beautiful as always

Prior to entering the castle for the tour, we stayed by the base of the mountain, and took some incredible photos to kill the time!

And look at that, it’s time to head up for our tour, so we finally began our march to the castle up on top of the steep hill! Up, up, and away!

After a jaunt, that felt like forever, my crew and I found ourselves at the entrance of the castle, waiting for the tour to begin in the final few minutes…

So we took more photos!! The fantastic views are just absolutely beautiful. That applies to both the castle, and the villages way down below!

Me inside the Castle Walls!

Finally, we entered the castle, and learned about King Ludwig II, who was basically one of the most improper kings of Bavaria, because he simply didn’t follow the rules. However, his castle is from the 19th century, which is pretty modern for a castle. No photos were allowed inside the castle, but that’s fine! All the great moments take place outside 😎

And on the balcony of course!

Group Balcony Shot!

Anyway, upon leaving the castle and heading down the mountain as usual, I stopped by a little German cart, to try some German donuts, which were fantastic because they were made with yoghurt in the dough making the texture and taste overall delicious and not dry!

German Donuts!

After making it to the bottom, we got on the bus and rode out to Füssen, a small village near the castle, to grab lunch and just explore. Zach, Jason, Liam, Daniel, Peter, Ben, Jerry, Vipin, and I went to a German restaurant to grab lunch. Right after I took a photo with a Pillory!

No, I didn’t actually know this was called a pillory 😭
I had to look up what the name of it was lol

Anyways, back to lunch, I was feeling festive, so I grabbed the pepperoni stuffed with feta cheese.

Did you catch that? Pepperoni in German translates to bell peppers! (I would probably never eat pepperoni lol) And this meal was definitely one for the books!

Delicious! Garnished with a plethora of greens!

After lunch, we decided to hype up our sweet tooth, and grab some gelato, I got two scoops, one of kinder bueno flavor, and the other flavored after apple strudel! Both being very delicious flavors!!

Gelato just hits different on a hot German day!
Much creamier and smoother than ice cream!

Finally we got on the bus again, and headed out to a more modern Catholic church, just to look at how it differed from the older ones, but I saw something outside the church that particularly caught my eye.

A chicken! And it wasn’t alone!

In fact it was around other chickens and a grand, majestic, and dominant rooster! I’ve never truly been this close to one of these before, so I thought it was really cool!

He’s the alpha! Declaring dominance with his majestic crest!
Also, we finally learned why the chicken crossed the road 😂

Soon after, we boarded the bus and finally went back to the hotel.

Upon arrival, me and Team Faurecia had a meeting to settle things in order for our presentation which is tomorrow!! I will admit, before this meeting I was honestly quite worried that our standing place wasn’t so good, but I definitely felt a lot more relieved.

And at last, the plans for the night. Me and the gentleman of Plus3, decided to spend this good night at the bowling alley! What better way to blow off some steam, then by playing some good old bowling? 

To make a long story short, we weren’t allowed to go bowling 😕, it wasn’t against the Plus3 rules or anything, it’s just the workers at the alley told us to leave, and that they were closed! First off, it was about 10 PM, and their sign said closing at midnight, and secondly, there were two people already there who were BOWLING!!

Frustrated, at the ultimate result, we decided to go and grab dinner, half of us going to McDonalds, and the other half going to Alibaba Döner Kebap (including me ofc)

I decided to go with the classic wrap I always get (never gets old) and sat outside to eat my Döner, along with Jason, Vipin, Liam, and Ben.

Suddenly, someone sitting behind us speaks to us! And him and his friends curiously asked us where we came from (we clearly were not German natives) After answering all of their questions one of them said AssalamuAlykum, which is an Arabic way to say hello! To which I replied, WaAAlaykum Wassalam! Then, as if by chance, we held a full conversation in Arabic!! 

All of my friends were in awe, as I FINALLY demonstrated I can actually speak Arabic! For the longest time, my dream was to have a full conversation in Arabic with someone, while out with friends who don’t speak the language, and tonight, that little dream became a reality! My friends all emphasized to me, how cool it was to see it, and I felt so happy and proud, to finally show people my lingual skills 😌

Anyways! Big presentation tomorrow, see you later bye!!

PS, Blood Moon!!

Gute Nacht!

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