Nutrition for the MVPs

We got assigned companies to do a deep industry analysis on, I was extremely excited to tour my company, GROB. Words can’t even describe the atmosphere inside the main buildings, it felt like we were deep in the advanced future. We started with a presentation about who they are, overall company history, culture and some financial insight. We were then lucky enough to receive a tour of their highly specialized plant (which manufactures items for some of the biggest players in the automobile industry, Tesla and Audi). It was one of my favorite tours, mainly because I was in awe the entire time as I was witnessing such specialized and top notch technology.

After an exciting past hours, we headed back to the University of Augsburg to learn more about investing on diverse portfolios and how to gain a better understanding of the highly complex automobile industry, currently driven by the topic of autonomous driving. The future holds so many exciting things that just spark innovation and curiosity, fantasizing about the possibility of having a car drive itself sounds like a pure dream, however companies are already working on that possibility and to think about that I am currently learning about it first-handedly feels surreal.

To say that today was filled with the talks about e-mobility and self-driving cars would be the perfect description of this day. I learned so much about the industry and how it is currently filled with questions about what will happen next. We headed for dinner together at the cutest pizza restaurant at Augsburg and we followed the stereotypical guidelines for German meal time: sit down for two hours and pay for water. However we were able to spend a good time conversating with each other and using our utensils to eat pizza (no hands here!) followed by a well-deserved gelato date for everyone.

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