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(5/17/22) As I said in my previous post, it is getting sadder and sadder that this trip is quickly approaching its end. Today was the last day of cultural visits planned by our program, and it was definitely the most scenic and beautiful site that we have seen. After meeting at 8:30 AM, we departed Augsburg and headed southwest into the Alps to our destination: Schloss Neuschwanstein.

As many of you may already know, Schloss Neuschwanstein, or the Neuschwanstein Castle, is a massive, famous castle built on a large hill at the base of the Alps. Many may regard it as the castle that the Cinderella castle is inspired by. When we were about five minutes away, we could see the castle on the hill, and it seemed even larger than I thought. Before we could trek up the hill to experience our tour of the castle, we explored a lake that sat at the feet of some surrounding mountains. I have always wanted to visit a site just like this one and see the reflection of the mountains and trees on the water. Therefore, I took some marvelous pictures and was able to cross this off my bucket list.

The lake near Schloss Neuschwanstein

Like I said before, to get to the castle, we had to trek up a large hill. If there’s one thing I have been exceling in during my time in Germany, that has been getting my steps in. Once we finally reached the castle, we, of course, took pictures as a group and on our own. From the observatory point, we had a gorgeous aerial view of the Bavarian countryside, with tiny towns and large lakes scattered throughout. I seriously could not be more wonderstruck over how beautiful Bavaria is. After this, we entered the castle and began our tour. Neuschwanstein was where King Ludwig resided, and he for sure lived in luxury. Some rooms we saw included the throne room, which had a massive gold-plated brass chandelier with many jewels, the king’s bedroom, and the singer’s hall. I have always seen castles in the movies and in pictures, but it was such a fantastic experience to see one in person on the inside. Especially Neuschwanstein, because the views from the balcony were magnificent. I know, I’m repeating myself over and over again in regards to the views, but I seriously cannot stress it enough. Lastly, I loved all of the swan-related imagery and decorations throughout the castle. In fact, “swan” can be found in the title of the castle, as it loosely translates to “new swan stone”.

The Plus3 Germany group in front of Schloss Neuschwanstein

After the castle, we explored the mountain town of Füssen that was located about five minutes away. I think that between Oberammergau and Füssen, the latter takes the cake for the cuter, more picturesque mountain town. Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing, but Füssen had this cool vibe to it. For example, on one of the stone streets, there were multiple buildings in a row that were all different pastel colors. We ate lunch and got ice cream here, and I got, yet again, wiener schnitzel. Honestly, my favorite thing about Germany might be these cute little Bavarian towns.


On our way back to Augsburg, we stopped at a church in the middle of nowhere. Inside, the church had some of the coolest artwork and architecture that I have ever seen. Unlike most of the churches that we have seen, this one was not Gothic style, but rather more of a Roman style. This was just a quick stop, and we were back in Augsburg before I knew it. After arriving, my group boarded the streetcar to the University to go work on our final presentation. I’m definitely stressed out for it, but our meeting made me feel better, and I think that we will do well. I guess we will see how everything goes tomorrow. Tschuss!

The church

PS: I don’t think I mentioned it, but my ankle was fine the next morning after it hurt. I’m still not sure what happened, but alles gut!

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