Day 11: Goodbye to Our Little Heaven

Yiasas! It’s officially the last day and I’m super sad to be leaving. I’ve grown super attached to Cyprus. I know I’m gonna be craving pita, souvlaki, tzatziki, and especially halloumi when I get back home. None of it will taste as good as it does here. 

This morning we had company visits with Vassiliko Cement and VTTV. I actually thought the Vassiliko presentation was super interesting. I learned more about cement than I ever wanted to or imagined but it was cool. I had no clue that the 2nd most consumed resource in the world is concrete. I also didn’t realize the extensive process to produce cement. First you have to quarry the raw material then pre-blend, pre-heat, and pre-grind. Then you have to send it through an extensive kiln with temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Celsius and chemical reactions and then cooled quickly. Finally, you grind it and store it.

Pre-Blending Silo

With VTTV, a lot of the information I had heard before because we talked to a lot of other port companies. VTTV mainly focuses on oil storage, loading, and discharging. I thought it was interesting that they talked about all of the mixing they did to reduce cost. For example, instead of using straight 95 gasoline, they mix things together to get 95 gasoline. Moreover, they showed a cool diagram of where the oil deficits and surpluses are in the Mediterranean and I thought it was a cool visual. Most of the European countries had a surplus and the African countries had a deficit. Also, I asked about how long it takes to load and discharge in their port. I was shocked to hear that loading and discharging could take anywhere from 12 to 35 hours which seems like an extremely long time.

Loading & Discharging at VTTV

We got to wear hard hats which was super fun! Everyone looked like egg-heads or legos and we were all bonking each others’ hard hats.

After our final company visits we went to the beach in Larnaca!!! It was a wonderful and relaxing end to this amazing trip. The weather was beautiful and the water was warmer than it had ever been. At the end, we played Jackpot in the water which was super fun. I never knew Landon got so aggressive and competitive. We were having so much fun that we were a little late for the bus and I didn’t get to change out of my wet swimsuit. Oh well!

We came back to the hotel and played trivia about the things we learned on the trip and it got very competitive. Then I had a delicious dinner and played cards. It was a nice chill night to end this trip.

I guess this is the final blog, so efharisto for reading along about my Cyprian journey!!!

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