Kahoot Glory and the End of a Story

The end of an era has come. The sun has set on the Plus3 Cyprus program. All that is left at the time of writing is the arduous flight back home. That being said, today was not a wasted day! We got our last breakfast at the hotel and then took the bus to the local Pharmacy to get a COVID test for the flight back. Fortunately we all tested negative! We then headed over to the Limassol are to visit VTTV and the Vasiliko Port. Unlike the past ports, this one was mainly focused on a specific supply chin: cement. The giant cement production plant on site involved facilities for crushing, heating, storing and blending. The scale of these things were really incredible to witness. Their port included a jetty that extended for more than a mile which allowed four ships to berth at a time. We got many pictures and listened to presentations about the company. We stopped into their main operating room where many screens were prevented showing live feeds of their machines. My proudest moment of the company visit was winning the Kahoot trivia which I made sure to rub into some people’s faces. After the site visited we returned to Larnaca, enjoying one last stop at the beach. We ate lunch at an amazing restaurant which had one of the better burgers I’ve ever eaten. We did some light souvenir shopping and then spent the rest of the time at the beach. I made sure to savor it as much as possible, but before I knew it I was back on the bus, heading back to Nicosia. Once back, a small group of us had to return to the pharmacy because they made mistakes with our Covid test documentation. It was tedious but it goes to show that things can go wrong and you must be adaptive and diligent. After that fiasco, we went to dinner and got crepes for dessert. Dinner was funny because we came full circle, eating at the same place we ate at on the first day. With that, plus some extra packing, the day was over and the Cyprus trip was nearly complete.

While I am sad that we are basically done, I feel that this trip has been a great success. I have gained lots of insight and knowledge into the supply chain industries. I have also become a lot closer to many people in the group who were basically strangers before. The food was great. The people were great. The culture was great. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I first arrived in Cyprus. I’m glad to report that in this fast paced environment, I have gotten the most out of my trip experiencing many things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s the end of my story, but its hard to see it going any better. It was just that amazing! I am, however, tired and missing stuff from back home like Chipotle and unlimited refills. I know that those two things will be the first on my list when I return. Thank you so much for following my journey! It was definitely worth the investment.

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