European Escapades: Day 11

“Different Roads Sometimes Lead To The Same Castles”

~George R. R. Martin


Today was awesome! We visited the Castle Neuschwanstein, this gorgeous castle built by King Ludwig in 1869. Due to King Ludwig’s fascination with the operas of Richard Wagner, many scenes from Wagner’s works are depicted on the walls throughout the castle. Sadly, I could not take any pictures inside the castle, so I don’t have any interior images to share with you. The bus ride to the castle was a little over an hour and a half, and once we got to the castle grounds, we had to hike up this giant hill. Professor Feick showed off his marathon skills when he beat fifty percent of us up to the top of the mountain! I didn’t realize how lazy I have been recent. I need to implement some daily exercise into my routine this summer!

The inside of the castle was decorated and painted in a Byzantine fashion and was filled with colorful artwork. After walking through the completed rooms within the castle, we got to look at the gift shop! I was so excited because I love gift shops, and the items in this shop were beautiful! Once everyone had checked out the gift shop, we began the journey back down the hill where the bus was waiting for us. The next stop of the day was a small shopping area called Fuessen. Semira and I decided to get Asian food for lunch, and I ordered a fried chicken dish with a peanut sauce while Semira had a fried chicken dish with mango sauce. After getting lunch together, the two of us decided to check out the various shops throughout the village.

There were many fabulous jewelry and souvenir shops, and I was able to purchase more gifts to surprise my family with! After shopping, I wanted to get a dessert before we headed back to the bus, so Semira and I stopped at the bakery where they sold balls of fried pie dough covered and stuffed with different fillings. I ended up getting one that was covered in milk chocolate and stuffed with milk chocolate as well. It was delicious, and when I was talking to the shop owner, I learned that it was a traditional Bavarian dessert. We then met back up with the group and got on the bus. Before we headed back to the hotel, we had a slight detour at this beautiful church, where we could snap some nice pictures.

Inside of the church!

After stopping at the church, we headed back to the hotel, where I relaxed before bed. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Until Next Time!

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