PwC and more goodbyes

I can’t believe our trip is almost over! I don’t think I’m ready to go home yet:(. Today our group didn’t meet until 11 so we were able to sleep in a little bit. We woke up a little early and went to the little coffee place next to the hotel. I got my usual vanilla latte and chocolate croissant and it was the perfect way to start the day!

We left for one of our final company visits around 11. We went to see PWC, which is a finance accounting company known for consulting clients and working with new technologies. The room where we had our meetings was super cool. They even started off the visit with a presentation using a hologram! They had a whole agenda for us, including two presentations and three stations with some of their clients and partners. The first presentation was with one of their German consultants and the second was about one of the case studies PWC did on home super store.

After these presentations, we were able to help ourselves to some snacks and visit some smaller presentation stations. I found one of the companies very interesting. They had found multiple ways to recycle used materials in new and functional ways.

After this awesome visit, we had a couple of hours of free time before we all met up again for our farewell dinner. I can’t believe we already have less than a day left in our trip. It will be so hard to say goodbye to Cyprus!!

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