No Competitors Needed

Today had extra importance since FoodCloud, the organization that my group was covering, was presenting today. Surprisingly, they had already been name dropped by other companies we have visited, and after visiting and learning more about the company, it is not difficult to see why. They have a purpose that is both admirable and memorable. To reduce the amount of perfectly good food thrown away so that no one will go hungry is an amazing target to try and achieve. Their goal has additional resonance when one considers the role of food and its insecurity has had throughout Irish history, the source of so much poverty, death, and emigration. It obviously means a lot to the people of Ireland that they are trying to do this: they want to see organizations like FoodCloud succeed.

Not only that, but FoodCloud are so giving and cooperative with other people that want to help reduce food waste using their technology. As they said, they do not think in terms of market share or competition, and care more about the end goal than the short-term goals of their business. The sheer lack of ego in this may do a lot to disarm people and align them with their cause. In their business model, however, they have said that they face difficulties in selling their ideas and contracts to big retailers, with many sales taking years to eventually go through. I believe that there are still areas where they could improve. In my opinion, I feel like there should be a bigger sense of urgency among FoodCloud’s operations, considering the scale and severity of food insecurity and how many people it affects every day.

The FoodCloud experience can relate to the team experience I have had on the Plus3 because things like letting the ego and the desire to get credit for the team project is a common facet of an organized and competent team. Thankfully, the team experience I have had thus far has been great and I try my best to defer and let my fellow teammates succeed without stepping on any toes.

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