Cyprus Day 11

Today was our last day in Cyprus, and we spent it in Larnaca. First, we headed to Vassiliko Cement Works to learn about the heavy industry in Cyprus. Vassiliko is the only cement manufacturing facility across the island, producing goods for the local market and global export. Within the facility, they have three quarries for sourcing the raw material found on the island, whereas the remaining components must be imported. This production facility can run on not only fossil fuels but also alternative fuels like tires to reduce emissions. Moreover, the plant has its own port to import and export industrial materials. With four berthing positions, the port is the largest industrial port in Cyprus and even has conveyor belts connecting the products with the ships.

In addition to Vassiliko Cement Works, we met with VTTI, an energy storage company. Located next door to the cement facility, VTTI operates several storage silos to hold clean oil such as gasoline and other refined fuel. Much like Vassiliko, VTTI operates its own set of jetties with four berthing locations. Pipelines run from the berthing locations to the silos to move the fuel to and from the ships. Furthermore, VTTI has the ability to blend and introduce additives on behalf of the oil companies while the fuel is in storage to their exact specifications. Moreover, as a customs and tax bonded company, those who utilize their service do not have to pay duties until the oil arrives at its final destination.

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