Our most sustainability-focused site visit yet, FoodCloud has done wonders for the Irish community. Primarily dealing with businesses as well as food banks, they are dedicated to eradicating food waste and distributing what would go to waste to those in need. Every time the company was brought up in our previous site visits, the businesses familiar with it would rave about what they have done. With this, I entered with high expectations, and expected a massive complex and luxurious offices. In reality, the business is primarily run from a modest warehouse with a few meeting rooms. A testament to the effort by the employees to make such a grand impact, they have plenty of room to grow and with the support of multiple large corporations, it seems they will. Thinking back to the beginning of the trip when we learned more about the potato famine, it is no wonder combating food waste and making sure no one goes hungry is a large priority for some Irish. The business itself is not flashy, but their processes and strategy is very sound, so there is no wonder they are successful. Our tour guide mentioned metrics they have in place to quantify their impact and extract data which displays incredible progress. 

To conclude, the many teams I have been a part of on this trip has left me with a much better grasp on how to work most effectively. I have found that the absolute most important part is to communicate almost exhaustively. Whether the bus was running late, a restaurant was full, or a site visit was going to start slightly later, simply knowing what’s going on goes a long way. Decisions can be questioned, but if everyone is comfortable communicating and voicing their opinion, straightforwardness saves plenty of time and drama. Overall, I have absolutely loved my time on Plus3 Ireland and highly recommend it to those considering applying.

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