May 19th – Birthday in Salzburg!!

Captain’s Log: Day 12

Guten Morgen!!

It’s here! The free day! Woooooooooo!

And who would’ve guessed today would be even better, because, it’s my birthday!! 🥳🎉🎂

My 19th on the 19th should I say! I’m so excited for what today brings! Let’s find out together!!

One thing Germany taught me, recycling makes money 🤑

Today didn’t start with the traditional hotel breakfast, it started with me taking all my plastic bottles, and FINALLY redeeming my plastic taxes at the grocery store. After counting up all, I collected 26 bottles in total, and in total I made back 6 Euros and 50 cents! So that was a nice way to start the morning! Following that, I went to the bakery to grab a pastry for the morning meal, along with a refreshing bottle of banana milk.

Here’s how the moneyback on tax works!
Recycling money being put to good use 😄

And soon after, we prepped ourselves for the day and headed to the Augsburg train station! Today we are spending our free day in Salzburg, Austria! I’m very excited for the awesome stuff we’re gonna do as well as the cool things we’re gonna see! All of these thoughts were rustling in my head, until I noticed something.

Our train had been delayed by a whole 60 minutes! That’s a long delay! This normally wouldn’t be too bad, but we’ve got a connection to make in Munich, so we needed to make sure we caught that next train!

After some very quick questions to the train patrol, we were told we could catch an earlier train heading to Munich! (Yes!!)

But, it left in 2 minutes!!! So me, and my hearty crew jumped to our feet and ran to the right gate ASAP! Good news though, we successfully caught it! We’ll be back soon enough for our connection ride of Munich to Austria! Tschüs!

Good old trains, comfortable, spacious, and unpredictable!! 😭

We arrived in Munich! Just in time to catch our train! We boarded, and now we’re off! To Salzburg! Away we go!

An hour and 30 minutes later, we were in Salzburg, Austria! A different country, full of sights to explore! But before exploring, we need to grab lunch 😅

First sight in Austria! New Country!!!

So we stopped by an outdoor restaurant, and enjoyed a variety of new meals!

I ordered a chicken pumpkin salad, which tasted absolutely delicious and was also very filling!

Finally! The closest thing I could find to a Chicken Schnitzel!!

Afterwards, we began our journey in Austria, starting with Mirabell Palace! A glorious garden full of all kinds of wonderful flowers, fountains and more! We took some awesome photos and in general had a great time!

Unicorn-Goat Statue!!

After leaving we started walking towards the main attraction we were interested in which was the great fortress of Salzburg! I was excited to explore the city on our way there, and I did!

We stopped by for Gelato, stopped in some gift shops, and looked at all sorts of cool things as well! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!!

Alps in the Distance! Beautiful as Ever!

Finally, we arrived at the fortress, and I must say, I didn’t expect it to be super large, but it was massive! We began by going up the fortress to het some absolutely breath-taking views with the alps and the city behind us! I just keep getting my mind blown away with every new location I visit!

At Last! The Fortress!

Following all those wonderful photos, we explored around the various museums of the fortress, but the final cool thing, was the absolute top of the fortress!! (Which took us awhile to find it because the fortress is that massive!)

The views and photos that we took from the wall were beautiful, but what I saw here was just even better!! I’m really happy we visited this fortress because I know these photos will tell thousands of stories to come!

Beautiful Salzburg!

Upon leaving the fortress, we realized we had no time left, so we had to run back to the train station, or else we’d be stuck in Austria a day before our departure to Pittsburgh!! 😅 Gotta dash!

Whew! We made it on the train! And it looks like it’s just about 20:00 when the train departs! Here we g-

And suddenly, we’re not moving anymore. And then, the police board the train 😬. Demanding everyone to pull out there passports for random inspection! Normally you wouldn’t need a passport because Austria is in the EU, but today’s different! 

Don’t worry, I had my passport, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this! But I must say, when the officer took mine, he did a very thorough inspection compared to the other people around me. Specifically, he held up the pages in my passport up to the light to detect if it was a fake! It was intimidating, but I kept a straight face as the officer kept looking at me, and the passport back and forth! 

Finally, I was approved, and then came the worst part, the police delayed the train for 30 minutes, meaning we wouldn’t catch our train from Munich to Augsburg!! As nervous as we all were, we just had to wait until arrival to see what we can do, see you soon!

We’re in Munich now, and as anticipated, our original train left, so we had to spend some time navigating, till we found a train that was gonna make a quick stop in Augsburg! Thankfully we would be back home in about 45 minutes. And so, we boarded and took a sigh of relief, what a day! Very exciting, yet full of train problems!!

We finally arrived in Augsburg for the night at around 23:00, which wasn’t too bad honestly. Final thing today, we needed dinner, so we decided to wrap up our trip, the way we started it. With Döner Kebab, one final time. 

Can’t go wrong with Döner 😔✌️

This day has been truly exceptional, and this whole program has got to be-

Wait! I’ll reflect tomorrow on the overall thing, so I have something to do on the plane 😭

And more importantly, because I think a post dedicated to reflection is needed.

Thanks for reading this! I really appreciate it, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Gute Nacht!

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