May 18th – The BPD

Captain’s Log: Day 11

Guten Morgen! By the way, it stands for Big Presentation Day! 😁

Today’s the big presentation day! Let’s get right to it!

Today started bright and early, with a good breakfast and an attitude for hard work.

Ben, Sydney, and I were heading up to the University of Augsburg to get working on our presentations with the last bit of time we had until 14:00 uhr. Also, we as Plus3 Germany, had plans to give the German students Pitt merch as a little gift. So, as the three of us waited at the tram to head to the university, I realized I forgot the shirt I brought from the US!

So, I went all the way back and got my shirt from the hotel, telling my group mates I’d catch the next tram. And catching the tram alone was almost a disaster as I almost got on the line heading in the opposite direction of the city 😅

Building J! The building of our presentations!

Anyways! Once I finally made it to the University, I found my group and we got to work. And by work I mean making the internet work of course!! For a University, the standard wifi was almost impossible to connect to, and even so, it was very slow in speed. I’ve got work to do now, so I’ll see you around for lunch!

Anyways, it’s lunch time! And we’re eating at the university! Today’s menu featured a variety of delicious meals, so I got the rice with the chicken kabob stew, some wedge fries, and a waffle with a fresh fruit sauce.

Delicious lunch provided by Universität Augsburg

I must say, this is probably the best meal I’ve had that was made in a University, absolutely fantastic and fresh! The kabob was perfect, and the waffle was an excellent way to end the meal!

Finally after getting back to work with our group, we met up with the German students on our team and attempted to get one full presentation practice in, but we ran out of time!! 😅💀

We are about to present, without even getting one full practice in 😬😭. Wish me luck!!

We entered the seminar presentation room, and Korbinian and Dr. Feick randomly selected the order of the presentations! Me and my group wanted to get it over with, so we were hoping we’d get selected to go first, to get it out the way.

The time was 15:10, and the order isssssssssssssss…

GROB Werke

Faurecia (Yay! Second! 😄😂)




Alrighty, I’ll be back after my presentation, see you in about an hour and 30 min💀.

Totally realistic image of me giving a presentation 💯💯💯

Phewwwwwww, so glad to get that off my chest!! 😮‍💨😅 All week this has been a thorn in my back, but it’s finally over! I will say though, I was really nervous at one point because Peter asked me a very challenging question, but somehow I successfully managed to answer! So, getting my revenge, I asked Peter a challenging question during his presentation 😈

He also answered it well 😭

In the end, we made each other look good and smart by answering these difficult questions, so we shook hands and carried on! (Not that there was any conflict, just a funny way to try and put the other in a pickle)

Finally, after Hoerbiger’s presentation, we all applauded, and Dr. Feick gave the last words of advice, and basically his send off message. He told us we were all one big family 😊, and it was so nice of him to lead us and help us all during these fantastic 2 weeks! After his words and some tears (maybe but not really) we gave the German students the Pitt merch and all headed back to the hotel to change for the group final dinner.

On our way back, I pulled Liam over and asked him to take a photo of me, you see I was dressed really nicely for the presentation, and I absolutely had to get some photos with the city of Augsburg 😎

After changing and going to the restaurant named Ratskeller, me and the Plus3 Guys sat down with our German friend Maxi, who was there guiding us since Day 1, to enjoy our last moments together. I’m really gonna miss Maxi after this, he’s just literally the greatest of all time!

So, after getting a dinner of Swabian noodles (not particularly my favorite food) me and the Plus3 Guys took some photos with Maxi to remember the moments 😢😔

Good old Maxi, we’ll never forget you!

We wished Maxi the best of luck, as we walked in opposite directions waving at each other through the soft light of the German sunset.

We all went back to the hotel, and packed our bags to get prepared, but don’t worry, tomorrow isn’t the end. In fact, it’s the beginning of our big trip, because tomorrow is our Plus3 Free Day!!

See you then!

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