First Group Presentations (May 9th)

The day started off with everyone meeting downstairs for breakfast in the hotel lobby. We were greeted by a light buffet of meats, cheeses, breads, and beverages. We then made our way to the street car as a group. The street cars in Augsburg are a cut above the Port Authority buses back in Pittsburgh. They were on time, clean, and had a lot more space. We were able to take it straight to the University of Augsburg campus and I fell in love with the campus the moment I saw it. The buildings were smaller than we are used to seeing at Pitt, but the architecture was gorgeous. There was so much green space, and a lot of it was covered in weeds. (This is something I found interesting about Germany. In the US we kill weeds in order to make our green spaces look cohesive and neat, but in Germany they let the weeds grow because it is better for the environment). The campus was a lot more calm then Pitt. There weren’t any cars to dodge or hoards of hundreds of students walking towards you at once. The campus was a very different experience.

When we arrived at our building, we were greeted with a short presentation about the short presentation that we would be completing that day. We were split up into groups of about 7-8. Each group was made up of half German students, and half American students. The American students in each group were further broken down into half engineering students and half business students. This breakdown in each group allowed for a good diversity of experiences, skillsets, and backgrounds that made each project more successful in the end. The presentation we would complete today would be a short introduction to our company. My group had the task of introducing BMW, which was probably an easier task than the companies the other groups had. Having to complete this presentation served the purpose of not only introducing us to our company, but to the German students we would be working with to complete our final presentation.

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