European Escapades: Day 13

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

~Andy Warhol


This post is dedicated to Zach. He, unfortunately, was unable to join the group in Austria due to unforeseen circumstances, so I wanted to dedicate this post to him.

Today was a fantastic day! We got a free day, so most of the plus three students went to Salzburg, Austria. The train ride from Augsburg to Salzburg was a little over two and a half hours (roughly 141 miles). One thing that I greatly appreciate in Europe is their well-thought-out and efficient public transportation systems. I think that it’s incredibly cool that you can go from one country to another in Europe with minimal hassle. At this hotel restaurant that served burgers and salad, we had lunch. I sat with Semira, Daniel, and Anna, and it was nice to talk to them, especially Anna since I hadn’t gotten to talk to her properly.

Lunch was pretty okay. I got a salad with some chicken which wasn’t too bad, but the chicken was a little overcooked and chewy. After lunch, the group split up, half of us went to get gelato, and the other half went to get Starbucks. I felt more like gelato, especially since I had only had ice cream since I had come to Germany, so I got a scoop of chocolate and tiramisu-flavored gelato. Most of the girls and Peter went to Starbucks, so I was able to hang out with the guys and get to know them better.

They were all super lovely, and I honestly wish I had talked to them more. I think the girls and guys had their little groups, so we never actually did much together that was not in the schedule. I spent most of the day hanging out with all the guys, Gabby, Anna, and Julianna. They were all super funny and easy to talk to, and I had fun spending the day with them. Even though I’m usually not into hanging out in big groups, I felt comfortable since I had talked to everyone one-on-one. I was honestly sad at this realization because I feel like I’ve finally gotten to the point where I am super attached, and today is our last day together.

I know it will be hard for us to hang out next year, but hopefully, we will all be able to grab dinner together once a month or do something fun together because I enjoyed getting to know everyone, and people like them are tough to come by. After gelato, we headed to a fortress/castle in Salzburg, where we took an incline up to the top. The fortress is called Hohensalzburg fortress and it is one of the best preserved castles in Europe. The view at the top was beautiful and was the prettiest view I’ve gotten to see the entire trip. The guys did their gritty line at the top of the castle, and the rest of the time, we just explored the fortress. During our time in Austria, we also were able to do some shopping, and once we finished up at the castle, we headed back to the train station.

The whole train situation was a mess, both getting to Austria and leaving Austria, but thankfully, the guys took care of us and figured out what trains to board when the trains got delayed or changed platforms. It was an excellent bonding experience because everyone cared for each other and ensured we were all safe. Our plus three group was referred to as a family throughout the trip. However, those words held specifically true for me today, and I will miss every person from the group. I didn’t even realize how attached I got to everyone until I got back home, but I know that we will see each other around campus and have each other’s numbers if we ever want to hang out.

Even with all the train delays and changes we were all able to make it safely back to Augsburg. We got back to Augsburg around 11pm so I went to bed once I got back to my hotel room. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Until Next Time!

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