Tag 11: Presentations!

Today (May 18th) was the day all our hard work finally paid off. My group spent the entire morning finalizing and practicing our presentation. We borrowed a class room and practiced in front of an imaginary crowd. They were really good listeners! Then we headed to the canteen to each lunch as a group. Once again the food was amazing and much better than our dining halls.

After lunch we had about an hour of free time. My group claimed another classroom to practice in, which happened to be the classroom everyone was also presenting in. The presentations were about 25 minutes each with additional time for questions. Since there were 5 groups this was a long part of the day so everyone wanted to go first and get it out of the way. After practicing we left our laptop plugged into the projector and all our notes up front. This was our strategy to present first because if our stuff was already set up, we might as well go first right? Everyone believed it until our professors walked in. They did make a promise that we would choose random numbers, so our strategy did not work and of course my group ended up presenting last…

I think our presentation went really well! For me, making the presentation was a challenge and learning experience as an engineer. We were analyzing Hoerbiger and used concepts such as SWOT analysis and Porters five forces. These are things I have never heard of until I started taking classes for this trip. Luckily I got to mainly speak about Hoerbiger’s foundation so I did not have to dive too deep into the business concepts.

After we finished the presentations everyone headed to our final dinner as a big group. We went to Rauthaus and I ordered spatzle. Spazle is something I always wanted to order in Germany and It was really good! These past 10 days flew by and I realized that the dinner was the end of the program. Since it was our final time to hang out with some of the German students, we got to say our final good byes.

University of Augsburg’s campus

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