Day 7: Ports, Ports and more Ports

Our day today was all about ports and the shipping industry.  We started off around 7:30 grabbing breakfast from the café next door and not even an hour later we were on our way to the first stop.  DP World, located in Limassol, was first in our jam-packed schedule.  DP World was founded in 2005 in Dubai and later expanded into the Port of Limassol.  Here we learned how DP World assisted vessels and how they dealt with oil and gas. After our presentation, we were given a tour of DP World and were shown all the different types of imports that DP World took care of.  These included new cars, frozen perishables, and other miscellaneous categories.  After DP World, we learned about P&O.  P&O for the most part was kind of like a middleman for the port.  They helped the vessels come into and out of the port by using tugboats to guide them.  They were also very big into keeping the waters clean and offered services to combat spills in the water.  One major idea I noticed about both DP World and P&O was that they both were heavily involved in increasing women in the workplace.  We were told the importance of women in their companies and found out that P&O employed the first-ever female tugboat master.

Just a short 5-minute ride around the corner was our next stop, Eurogate.  Eurogate is the main shipping container terminal in Cyprus and can hold about 500,000 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUS).  Handling all these containers and having such a big amount of storage required Eurogate to invest in special equipment.  These included STS cranes, these being some of the biggest in the world, as well as straddle carriers used to pick up individual containers for transportation to the STS cranes where they were then loaded onto the ship.  I would say Eurogate plays the role of the Supplier in the supply chain as they hold cargo and in a sense supply it to the suppliers of stores.

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