A Week Already?

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already been one week here in Buenos Aires. Today was museum day! Our day started off with a visit to a museum about Eva Peron, the wife of Juan Peron who was the founder of Peronism. Peronism is the political belief and system that Argentina builds off of (people are either peronist or anti peronist). It was really interesting. We learned about how Eva was an activist who established a house for those in need to stay as a temporary home, along with increasing and developing social programs such as the Eva Foundation and about what she did to promote the feminist movement as well in Argentina. She set the new status quo for women during this time in Argentina for many things. An example would be how official presidential portraits were changed just from Eva sitting down with Juan Peron standing behind her. Afterwards, we proceeded to have lunch which was at the same location, just in a restaurant area of the complex. Most of us had pasta and bread. I had too much bread, so my appetite was ruined when my pasta came out. 

Something that is incredibly important to mention in this blog is the idea of Peronism itself and how it influences the Argentine healthcare system. Peronism seeks to have fairness be the norm in Argentina. To add, the idea calls to increase social programs for the less fortunate as well as the formation of labor unions. In terms of direct influence on the healthcare system, Peron actually established the Obras Sociales system, which as we know, serves as another mechanism of coverage across the workforce. Peron had already established national unionization. Peron also believed in the rejection of capitalist ideologies, further highlighting his influence over the healthcare system due to the fact that he believed everyone deserves access to healthcare no matter the socioeconomic status. This is an essential reason as to why he expanded welfare programs. To add about Peronism, public hospitals essentially follow a peronistic view, as they are obligated to provide care to everyone. Peronism highlights inclusivity across Argentina’s healthcare system. 

We then proceeded to the Parque de la Memoria. The scenic views of the water and green landscapes were beautiful. It was also very interesting to learn about the horrible dictatorship and terrorism that occurred from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. It was very sad to hear about the disappearances and killings but at the same time, the environment and atmosphere was amazing in the park. Families were relaxing and playing games and there were some other informal tours happening as well. This family friendly area was so fun to see! This is Jake signing off for now! See you guys tomorrow! 

Group: Maria, Miranda, Jake

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