A Day in Munich


Today we took a trip to the third largest city in Germany-Munich. We started the day taking a train to Munich. it was the first time that we rode an actual train on Germany, and it was really nice. The train was really nice, and you don’t even have to scan your ticket you can just get on the train. They will randomly come through the train and check for tickets. There were a few stops on the way to Munich, but it only took around 50 mins. The train even reached 100 mph.

Once we got to Munich, we walked to the new city hall (which is still really old) and met our tour guide. We started the city tour at the old city hall then went to a courtyard, Hofbrauhaus, and tons of old buildings in the city. Sadly, a lot of the buildings weren’t that old as they had been rebuilt after the war. It was still really cool to see so much history in one place. In the middle of the tour, we came back to the old city hall to see the glockenspiel. At noon the wooden people would move and reenact a jousting tournament. After that we walked around the city more. We even made it to the English garden where an artificial wave was created because of the canals. Because of this there were people surfing there which was surprising.

After the city tour, I got lunch at tai place. It was really good; all the food here has been incredible. Then we went to the clock tower and climb it. There was a gorgeous view of the whole city at the top of it. You could see so far, and there was a fantastic view of the glockenspiel there too. After that we went to the original Hofbrauhaus to get some authentic German pretzels. Then we left to go to dinner.

For dinner that night we went to a restaurant in Munich. It was a burger place so I didn’t think there would be a lot of options for a pescatarian. I was thankfully proved wrong as the menu had a whole vegetarian and vegan section. I got a fantastic vegetarian burger with some really good fries too. Then we took the train back and headed back to the hotel. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed Munich. Even though it was a lot of walking I had a great time there and the city is so cool. I was a little disappointed that a lot of the buildings were rebuilt after the war, but the city still had an old city feel to it.

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