Day 11- Presentations

Today was our final official day of the program, presentation day. I slept in the most I have the entire trip waking up at about 9:30 which felt great. I then ate breakfast and a few hours later headed to the university for lunch and final practice. Our final practice went well, and we were confident going into our presentations.

The presentation went well for every group I think as everyone did a great job making an entertaining and overall good presentation. I felt very good about ours and think we answered our questions well and presented on Audi overall well. After everyone’s presentation was done, I went and got some German gum and candy. It was good and something I wish we had more of in the USA. Finally, we went to our goodbye dinner at the Ratskeller. Since there wasn’t much to take pictures of today, I attached the picture of my pork schnitzel which was very good. This was a very good final dinner and I’m super excited to visit Salzburg tomorrow.

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