Cruising along the Charles River

Prague day 9!! And thankfully today wasn’t a super strenuous day, with even a bit more sleep than normal! After breakfast, we are off to Nano energies!

This office space was probably one of the coolest spaces I’d ever been in (in terms of offices. All of the rooms were rounded off creating a really open and fun vibe, and the entire interior was decorated with greenery with a neutral and calming color pattern all throughout. This company was really cool to hear about, they are selling software to businesses to allow them to better control/manage their energy consumption. It’s been really nice to hear from multiple different companies on this trip how they are working to reduce their impact on the environment. It felt like they had actual plans in place to help reduce energy consumption from their customers.

After nano technologies we hoped on a tram to go to part of the city we had never visited before in order to get to the technical museum, but first, lunch!!!

We ate lunch at the cutest little cafe, where our tour guide said she gets all her fresh bread from. I had such a yummy avocado and egg sandwich, and it was so fun to be in a restaurant that you could tell was all frequented by locals. Lunch concluded with a chai latter and it definitely hit the spot, especially with the little cold we all have caught.

After lunch we are off to the technical museum!! It was really cool to see all the old planes, train, and automobiles (haha). Even though I’m not the most interested in this area, it was still fun to see the progression of time through the car collection. Also at the museum we got the chance to learn about how the famous astronomical clock works, which I had never put much thought into the inner workings of it before this tour.

Finally, the night ended in such a fun way!! We got to take a boat cruise along the Charles river, and this has definitely been one of my favorite parts of the trip. The food and drinks were absolutely amazing and it was such a fun atmosphere to be eating with all my close friends as we cruised down the Charles river. I loved getting to see Prague from this angle as well, seeing all the historical landmarks from the river versus walking past it was absolutely stunning

Overall this was such a fun day and I cannot wait for the rest of the week!

Until tomorrow


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