A Trip I’ll Never Forget

It is our last day in Argentina! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by and I have so many emotions about leaving. Yesterday was all about our presentations, and they went really good. Everyone was nervous to present and there were some bumps in the road with presenting but they went really good overall. We then had a little zoom call with some incoming Pitt students to tell them about our study abroad, what we learned, and how it shaped us as people. We then had our last night to ourselves and we decided to go out to a nice dinner and go out as a group. This afternoon we have tango and then we are heading to the airport to come back home.

I have learned so many things on this trip it’s hard where to start. I would say I learned more about money budgeting over the week and prioritizing what’s important for spending money. I also learned more about the culture of Argentina, like popular foods, the local dialect, lifestyle choices here, and what clothing styles are popular. In academic terms I learned a lot about Argentina’s healthcare system, obviously. I also learned about teamwork skills on a group presentation so that everyone has a say and people put in equal work for the end product to be good. I also learned about good note taking skills and how to be an active listener in our group lectures. I also learned about time management and trying to be efficient with my time in the mornings so I can in the lobby on time and also making the most of our free afternoon times. While being here I also learned more about myself in terms of trying new foods, meeting all sorts of new people, finding out I don’t mind wearing business casual, and seeing the connections I have made with the other students here.

So many fun things happened on this trip and I think we can all agree on that. Going out to dinner every night with my friends was very fun and we got to try tons of new food that was all very delicious. Our site visits were also really exciting, like La Boca, the Cementerio in Recoleta, the boat ride to Tigre, the ranch, and all the museums we visited. Some other fun things we did were going out to the bars and clubs. It was all a learning curve but I think that everyone had fun. Some very specific fun things that happened to me was getting to try the local fruit. I think fruit here is so much better than in the US and I definitely bought a good amount of it. Also, being able to speak Spanish in a new country where there is a different dialect was a great experience that wasn’t always easy. Shopping for local goods was very fun and I’m excited to see if my family likes what I got them. Lastly, just being around my friends was always fun and we never had a boring moment. We were always trying new food, going shopping, exploring, and talking about our lives back home. I never imagined I could get so close with other Pitt students this fast, but I made some really good friends. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I will never forget it.

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