Onward to Milan!

Hello world! My name is Matthew Hoover and I’m a freshman marketing major at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m originally from Chagrin Falls, Ohio but will be spending nearly three full weeks in Italy during the month of May! I’m thrilled to be participating in the Plus3 Italy program and cannot wait to set out on this voyage!

For the past month, the Plus3 Italy team has met each Sunday night in order to receive valuable trip information, build up team chemistry and learn about the culture of Italy. The first meeting focused on all the students introducing themselves and getting to know each others background. This is an important step with regards to any type of foreign travel, it also improves one’s own personal experiences when there is a strong sense of community within the group. We also discussed tips for international traveling (packing light, be ready to walk!) and many other notes of wisdom. Also, our group discussed the logistics of currency exchanges and other potential cultural differences that exist between Italians and Americans. The next meeting focused on supply chain management within the different sectors of the textile industry in Italy. It’s eye opening to see how many steps go on behind the scenes to produce one product.

Later we discussed the way Italian people operate on a day to day basis with regards to how they treat friends and family. A key difference was how Italians tend to enjoy a meal much longer than Americans, I like this aspect because so often Americans rush anything they do in the name of productivity. Our groups also explored a variety of Italian textile companies and their history so we would be well prepared when we do site visits. It’s great that we are prepared for their company and can be engaged with what we are learning.

With each passing day I’m getting more and more excited for this trip! I’ll continue to read up on Italian culture and start to look into doing some early stage packing. I can’t wait to see everyone in May! Onward to Milan!

-Matthew Hoover

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