I’ll have a Glass of peach tea with those Ph(o)tastic Eggs

Today in Ho Chi Minh City, our group visited our most exciting company yet.

We visited a video game developer by the name of Glass Egg. They are a video game art developing company that mainly focuses on certain art components of video games like cars and the environment. The company’s main and only headquarters are here in Ho Chi Minh City. The company faces certain challenges as it is not its own full blown game developer but just the creator of certain components. Instead of struggling with original story ideas and marketing tactics, the company has to make sure that it constantly has clients that need their game designs. At this point in the company’s maturity, they have garnered a strong reputation of quality work so there are constantly clients needing their work.

The company strategically decided to be formed in Vietnam because it was a perfect fit for the culture and work force of the Vietnamese people. They also noticed that many big name video game companies were moving to China, so they saw Vietnam as a prime location to bring the video game industry to. Their idea worked as they have a loyal workforce and a thriving city to take advantage of. There were not any distinguishable negatives to being located in Vietnam due to the country’s low labor costs and growing economy.

This company was so exciting because we also go to see some of Glass Egg’s future plans and ideas. The company is trying to do more than just cars, as they have already that item. Now, they want to further their reach into environment development like the background of a major city or the natural scenery of a rainforest. These components have many layers of details like leaf colors and the design of blades of grass.

Today, the company visit was the highlight. Excited for the beach tomorrow! It will be my first time visiting the Pacific Ocean!

P.S. I also had the best Pho of my life!

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